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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying to work at Ocean Divers. Our application and recruitment procedures
are outlined in general below. Procedures and requirements may alter for each vacancy, so please carefully
review the specific instructions for each vacancy announcement.

Where to Obtain a Ocean Divers Job Application:

Completing the Application

All individuals interested in employment with Ocean Divers must submit a completed Ocean Divers application.

Complete ALL PARTS of the application thoroughly and review application requirements for each vacancy.
For some position vacancies, a resume, a cover letter, or other information, may be required. Incomplete
applications, untimely applications or failure to include information will result in an application not being
considered during the recruitment. You may attach a resume and cover letter even though it is not required;
however, a resume will not substitute for the completed application. You can only apply for the positions
currently listed as open. If you are interested in a position that is not currently open, please check back
frequently and apply when the job is listed.

Submitting an Application

Your application must be received or postmarked by the deadline that is outlined in the job announcement
or posting. Postmark dates are not always accepted, please check individual postings and job announcements
 for specific instructions and deadlines. Ocean Divers will not accept applications postmarked after a
position vacancy has closed. You can submit your application by regular mail, email, or you can drop it off at
Ocean Divers. If you send your application via mail or email, please direct it to:

  • Ocean Divers
    522 Caribbean Dr.
    Key Largo, FL 33037
    EMAIL: cdc@oceandivers.com


The Hiring Process

Ocean Divers requires a personal interview and a background check before a job offer is extended.
Jobs are usually listed with a closing date...
This means that you must meet the application requirements by this date. Refer to each job posting to determine the specific requirements.

Some jobs are open until filled... This means that the supervisor will review applications on a periodic basis and notify applicants that they would like to interview. If you want to know the status of your application, you may contact the supervisor.

Our supervisors schedule interviews.... The supervisor responsible for hiring will review all applications, then select and SCHEDULE individuals to interview based on qualifications. Sometimes not ALL qualified applicants are interviewed - only the most qualified. The supervisor will call you if you are scheduled for an interview. Usually, it takes a minimum of 1-2 weeks after the posting or job announcement closes before interviews take place or are even scheduled. Some recruitments may take longer.

If you are not selected to interview... If you are not selected for interview, you may or MAY NOT receive a phone call or letter advising you that you were not selected. However, you can usually check with the supervisor within a reasonable amount of time, and inquire regarding the status of your application.

If you are interviewed, but not selected, the supervisor will contact you by phone or letter. However, you can usually check with the supervisor within a reasonable amount of time, and inquire regarding the status of your interview and the recruitment.

If you are selected for hire... The supervisor will check references and conduct a background review before making you a job offer and scheduling you for orientation. If pre-employment drug testing or other background reviews are required, you will be made a conditional offer of hire.

Starting work... In most instances, you may not be able to begin work until you meet all conditions of hire.

 Current Job Openings